Francisco Franco x tommy_emo‽

Working with the prolific and seasoned Android developer Francisco Franco is always a pleasure with his attention to detail, appreciation of design, and a combination of high expectations and room to work. 


The first work to come out of our relationship was for Home Agenda, a calendar widget that Franco was working on to replace a fan favorite that had recently been retired. To begin the process, like most icons, I started by getting a feel for the UI of the app and how Franco wanted it to come across. I then researched different calendar apps on the market, brainstormed some ideas, and started getting to work.

Right away we found a great base to whittle down in the first round of revisions. I simply aimed to represent the UI of the widget itself, which is a series of cards with an event's information in them. Most of the icons from the first round reflected these core ideas:

homeagenda round 1

From there, I played with color to find a final result but came to the conclusion that a purple base with a slight gradient would stand out compared to the rest of the apps in the market. Later, when Franco introduced a free version of the app we used an orange hue that came up during the initial process.

the final icon for HomeAgenda and HomeAgenda Lite. purple and orange on the left and right, respectively.

the final icons for HomeAgenda and HomeAgenda Lite

Franco Kernel Manager

Next, we found ourselves working on an icon for an update that Franco had built for his famous kernel manager. I was personally a big fan of the previous, more modern icon he had (made by Liam Spradlin), but users were drawn to other apps with icons that had a more technical, legacy feel to them. So he had me take on a new version of the original icon, and that's where we'll start.

the original franco kernel icon

the original Franco Kernel Manager icon

When starting this project, I kept things pretty playful and bright, but we quickly turned to take a more serious tone. Most of the exploration was along these lines:

five icons from different stages in the franco kernel icon exploration

From there, Franco wanted me to incorporate the yellow accents he was adding to the app in addition to the green. From there, we settled on a simple opacity mask approach to make the background more interesting and we were pretty much set.

the final icon for Franco Kernel's 2018 update

Franco Kernel Manager - March 2019

In March of 2019, Franco was revamping the user interface of his app once more - this time with a more neon approach at the demand of fans of the app. So, naturally, we revised the icon to give it a neon sign / Tron vibe with whole lot of dramatic lighting and shadows.

the final and current icon for Franco Kernel Manager, 2019

Franco Kernel Supporter Wallpapers

Franco wanted to update some benefits that are given to users of the app that choose to show some more monetary support in the development of the app, and asked me to make a series of four wallpapers for it. For the wallpapers, I focused on creating a blend between traditional Android design elements with the current trends and Franco's vision for Franco Kernel Manager.

four wallpapers for Franco's FK Manager supporters